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Criminals war against Criminals
April 11, 2014, 8:31 am
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It has been started between Punjabi Talban with a celebration of Jindahullah and old Pakhtoon Taliban groups Mashood groups so much difficult to count groups of criminals on the name of unknown religion and sects. They just known it by it’s name and they forget that without tolerance all religions are incomplete.

Not an amazing thing for me now it’s just an start which has a decades long stay to use more then 2 million weapons which must be used on us as a citizen in which most of it become due to the intentional weapon theft on the supply root of NATO like a supply root was made trough Syria for Hizbullah there was also a intentional theft to make criminals of the state on the name of extremism , When the so called self created Jahad of Syria will finish they will come back with new arms to kill law an order of the State how much they will be equipped Russia, Iran, US knows better :)

This fight seems to enter into streets with in next couple of months Transaction’s from RBS and HSBC from Iranian Traders were made in 2009 now the investor is waiting for next order or it’s investment payback to be obeyed on the name of Religion or sect, we can’t differentiate it on the name of anything, The wrong use of emotional chamber of brain become the cause of all this which is happening now.

It is a long term investment to destroy generation’s like happened with us in Pakistan some one war became war against me so I must be killed If investor ha invested trillion’s to kill me If God don’t save me. Now the investor need’s payback which is impossible like the paybacks of Spain and Greece, No one will gives back here anything it’s a tradition so they are waiting for nothing just giving us explosive boosters to get back there investment which not possible in this region. There is no end of this horrible story of blood made by buyer of faith and believes traders of black oil market to sold us……………………….

No to safe exit for Dictator
April 10, 2014, 6:40 am
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My smile is mine but you like it this is an freedom at a heart core level, If someone Hides my smile from your reach then it’s a shameful act that he had snatched a happiness from a Human to see other’s heart from core of his eye’s and heart this is what which is been practiced by a dictator from his gun power :) were guns been made to snatch the smiles of your own people like zia , mush did in Pakistan, we lost a great leader Shaid Zulifqar Ali Bhutto so No to any Kind of a dictatorial system civil or uniformed. In my view the armies were been purchased by Rich countries to fight there war on the name of terrorism which in the end becomes war against me like in Pakistan now in Syria by civilian dictator’s on the name of sect, They make terrorist then kills them on the name of terrorism to earn from generation to generation by the use of guns , negative thoughts, people’s, teen age children and extremist become in the end as master mind of dirty wars to kill their own people . so many inaction’s were been made by dictator to rule on the name of gun and human trafficking arm selling and buying, I don’t think so it’s a part of a good strategy that you make more criminals to kill criminals. This is what mush did in his rule, Now all are together to kill us and our children who will ans ?

We are on our way to takeover but next generation started questioning us that why all this is happening in our country why we are killing our own people why our own people killing us what should we answer them ?

Sorry is not an answer it’s an excuse so what should we do ?

Freedom of expression and entrust is an answer which is against the role of dictator even he is good or bad the act which he did in past by breaking rule of the state is itself a crime even i do it or a general so both are same kind of criminal both should be behind the bars as a part of moral equality, If we will not practice it then it’s against the rules of a society moral values criminals will take birth more then mush because these group of societies makes a community and communities makes the Nation, I have a question with my own self are we making or generating criminals from the society for our next generation. which is root of National identity Is Mush is a part of Pakistan Democratic society then why criminal in Pakistan Army Uniform which need a worship of honesty in past ? Did we made our country corrupt with our own hands ?

If the answer is No then why Mush is not behind the Iron bars not glass bars as a common citizen or as a criminal general of past who ruled on the name of gun. where our thoughts have been gone or where is our common seance now why people of Pakistan are supporting criminal, If he deserves Honor then all criminals of Pakistan honor even they are in forest, Hills or in jail even PIMS or AFIC medical teams should move for their treatment on air ambulances to save their life many are not feeling well most of them have heart problem even in jail.

Do im paying tax from the age of 19 to 38 to state to groom criminals like mush to kill me ?

If No then he why took place in a society after his Dictator rule ?

Armies were been made to protect the borders not to protect mush. They should go back to bunkers and forts to protect themself because of there security threats we are losing hundreds of civilian peoples. Its a very amazing thing for me that sequrity forces had sequrity threats it’s there job nothing new to disturbe civilion people of a democrative state.

I pray for a healthy democracy

Shadows of Past
August 10, 2013, 10:09 am
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My Shadorws of Past are Horibale to think 22 years lived as an extremist and then changed myself towards Libralisam at the age of 35 in 2011 Started speaking against extremist and against the division of people on the name of Relgion or sect, Like speaked against Pasdaran e Inqalab Iran That are civil dectators and Librate Iranian People from these civil dectataors and agent’s of west,

We People of East has some other kind of a enviorment where peoples minds are hyjacked by some religous actors and this is an other kind of a Kidnaping where you see a man or women without locks but there thoughts have been used for extremisam so no name of this crime where you work for dividing and colonizing people on the name of sects means you want to kill people in more quantity at a low cost :)

Syria was made trget by Iran in the war of hizbullah where they tried to made it an start of sectarian diffances by running a suplly line of war in that time wepons were been theft intantially to be distributed for future as NATO Suplly line did in Pakistan by distributing 3900 containers , Same practice was adopted by Iranian Itlat in Syria and distroyed it on the old formula of action and reaction of trerriorisam where other got a chance to enter who is responsaible of these innocent killing all ………

This dirty Thing entered in Pakistan on the name of Pro Iran and Anti Iran Pro, Arab Anti Arab, Pakistan Peoples Party lost election because of anti shia votes what ever they say reason is , Arabs had Old relation with us

We respect Arabs more then Iranian They don’t represent Iran its a group of creminals just  who are rulling on the name (SECT) of personal Belive means sect how one can represent  other’s belive , They are King of Black Oil Market

We people of East has an Libral haritage where alll religions live together without any kind of Discremination 80 years back we were fine what Happened now ?

Asia is our home East is our Love and Arab is our Destiny of love most of Arab origion are sattled in east (Subcontinent) came from Arab In Hamayuns war when he came back after 10 years from

Iran with Shah Iran forces which were mostly Arabs,

So Long live East we got an blessing of humit envioment in a climeat change to grow more on our soil, Its a blessing and revival of 200 years Back East enviorment, Which will make our soil creazy to be growed with complete nuitrations, In shape food 

We Baluchies are Pure Arab , Iranian Mix Breed Our Parental Grand Father was Arab so we own that orgion which was our Grand Fathers But we will speak to Librate Iran from these Sectarian Creminals 46000 km Baluch Area and people are in Iran without the basic human Rights specially the people of Seastan Iran Baluchies has no rights there they still figting for their rights, worrior has no sect he is Just an Warior even on Horse or on Camel God Bless you all 

Fear’s Took Away Every thing
May 22, 2013, 1:18 am
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Fear to die, Fear to become poor, fear to lose seat, fear of religion or sect fear of all kinds had took away our basic moral values of the society and then in the last the Fear to lose power :) by which white colour and polished boots had took many innocent life or some times in civilian royal religious dress even on the back of Riksha.
It’s a very amezing thing for me that people had fear of religion but they don’t had a fear of God due to his non physical apperance, so all have their own thoughts.
No Fear will give you many things in shape of belssing one day we all have to become a part of soil so why fear to die ,
Every Nations Basic moral Values are based on it’s haritage and genatics by which you can’t deny after the fraud of GMO”s . Instead of braking your basic moral values of a society its better to die so don’t fear to die if you don’t save them you will automatically died by depresiation.
My Origion My Nation My National Identity must be my pride to deliver something good to next genration , we have to leave good moral values for our next genration otherwise the history will never for give us nor our next genration :) Adaab to all

The Democracy won on 11th may 2013
May 12, 2013, 3:09 am
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On 11th May 2013 Pakistan election not only @PML(N) won all won who like the right of vote he or she won who become the cause to take one voter out of his him, the anti democrative forces were defeted last day so Cheer up people of east voter turn around must be more then 75% Honestly i was expecting this.
All were out last day for few moments to vote for their nation, for their national identity or lot of blessing a new sun rises on 12th may 2013 where the responsabality came on each voter who won or loses to think good for their nation and national identity with honesty.
The women turn around im eye vitnased that was great even on the name of revval or chanege’
I Promise to the Nation that will work as PML(N) worker for the betterment of our Nation and national identity we came out to took you back to your own took you back towards your reviaval , took you back to your haritage, took you towards your real worth as human machine, we aill took you for the better ment of your home economics and home economist will get its rights also, Mothrama Maryam Nawaz Sharif is an living example, Trust us
we are not fakes what we are we are .

Is IK TTP or Terroirist organisational Leader
April 30, 2013, 4:44 am
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I read a statment of IK in newspaper that he was giving direction to the terriorist bombers who are creminal of state to stop bombing for 13 days i will come as a prime minester and change all this ,

My question is to my honouraible IK what will you change we died because of changes otherwise 200 years back we were economic kings all were together with any kind of discremination

how you will change the mins set of a patwari how will you change the mind set of Police Station incharge who is made for corruption ,

what kind of mirecal you have that will change we don’t change we need revial of Harirage where we all live with the peace why don’t we talk about sarbajet Sigh do he has no right to die at home as presner what kind of governace you have at a root level where one can sell himself easily,

I speak for my brother sarbajet singh to take his last breaths at his home land what ever he did we for give him but ploease let him die at his home land his basic right as a human I request to my honouraible President who has right to relise him for his last breaths at his home land India by for giving his crimes bot lost each other ,

New start New Life Peacefull life green life is better then all we as @PML(N) promised to our nation that the creminal of state will remain creminal of State if they vote for us if we deserve as a mayured Politics all have right to speak and vote specially Female gender has to vote must they are now more then 60% of our population ,

Don’t go towards Change Go towards revial of Haritage which we had in Past make your Pakistan Green and white clean these are the Dreams of Quaid and Iqbal of genious most thoughts non violent thoughts without discremination

I as a Political worker and student of politics can question IK what Kind of relation you have with them trough hamid Gul smile where one sell his life on fake dstiny do you represent them sir ?

Why Borders Inside Borders on the name of Sect or Religion
April 26, 2013, 2:55 am
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I have writen an open letter to Honouraible Former Prime Minester of Pakistan Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani which will coreiored till evening to him,

Respected Honouraibal Former Prime Minester of Republic of Pakistan & Genral Sectory Pakistan Peoples Party

Sir I met you befoere last election at your home on a political deal of 4 NA and 8 PP extendaible to 18 and 36 in south punjab by represnting some sectarian vote which I dishone now because I left Extremisam in 2011 and now on 7th March 2013 I have jioned PML(N)\

Your ans at that time was that which will the affects of anti vote of this sect we can’t suffer from it at this stage of election, I said ok A logical thing by which i learned a lot and left that politics of division there is no right to any one to represent other’s Personal belive or spent Sadqa , Zakat , Khumas  etc all kind of cherity is for hungery people and our molvi is spending on election last day i saw a photo on the back of a riksha some sectarian molvi from some NA or PP,

After joing Politics I read local news Paper daily last day I read or heard that some sect Ulmahha Councel has anounced the vote backe up to Pakistan Peoples Party Now I question you what about the opisite sect. 

Does It mean that PPP is not a Libral Party which dont bothers sect or religion or which should i take from it as a lession with all your due Respect Honariable sir

Kind Regards,

Muhammad Abbas Khan Jatoi

Chowk Shah Abbas Mulatn 

PML(N) Worker NA 89 Moza Mudduki Zila Jhang Pakistan


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