Fake Ideal’s

My son asked me  two Day’s Back when I got back from office to please write a Speach on “Fake Ideols”  so i wrote it by taking 15o min of ap 400 words, Next Day when I came to my office my Labtop battery switched of and I started a writing it on my diery by having a Guilt that I d’id’t wrote that Speach Honestly for my sun I started writing ten pages for his speach but he refused at last night  when I got Back from Office, Because he learned the first one.

So I’m publishing it on my blog acording to my whife sugession who edits my posts

Ideology Behind the Ideal 

On which kind of Ideeology he or she made him or her a Ideal of life

If it goes towards Negativity or Human Distruction making him or her an Ideal is Dis honesty

Are we commeting this kind of crime by making our up comming Genration Fake and Violent Ideal’s. Most of them weight for a mirrical to be happend and they should avioid Struggle of life Like Doramon ?

It’s an computerized Grafic Adiction more Dangrous then any other adiction, Here you Kidnapes Child Brain towards Fake Destinies which are Violent Like Superman , Betman etc

No Super man will come to save us we have to save us by our own selves 

Direction of life groom’s from your exposure which you get by expressions which you set in mind to make a mind set. By which you make the expression of intrust from your both Basic educational Intitute (Home+School)  Their your mind starts adopting a path towards positivity or Negativty where ever you directs, He or she has not a sence at the age of 12. What ever you ll put in his or her mind you will get the sane result.

You set your goals acording to the direction you get at both basic educational Institute or their one the comunity in which you live has a very important role, On which thing they are based on discremination of humanity by dividing them into Groups,

To save your Genration from negativity of houghts , we should be careful about the freedom of expression they are getting in society in which we live, Rural or Urban, To take care of it is a basic moral value of the society. 

We allways have two options in life either to addopt right path or wrong full of short cuts and dishonesty without passing time files.

But the one thing which you loses is learning with time ………a bog loss in all sectors of life,

Self learning takes you towards your errors of life God of all Religions gives us a right Chance During Strugle to sort them out, Not less then a Blessing

Some times we miss our destiny by ficationiazing our life with wrong probablities by making them fake to fictationizng a comphert in life in term of shortcut corruption, dishonesty etc……………

The end comes like a disaster of Capitilization, Euro Zone Diseaster, LIBOR Scandle, models of west Depricated machine based economy.

This econmic Disaster and ressation’s one important cause is FAKE even in shape of fake Date based on FAKE probabalitoes Tears of this economy is Inflation, Like UK is faceing house hold consumer product inflation this is the worst inflattion that you have House Hold Consumer comodeties but people don;t have a buying Capacity to buy it??????

In any economy Demand and suplly plays very important role where the Valueaible consumer Hurts and some times it go towards disapointment of life

Should we save our next genration by our errors of life insted of forceing our dreams on them ? 

Why we want to impose our weekneses on our  Children even in love or hate ?

If I didn’t saw a Superman , Batman un my child hood and it’s a part of my deficencies 🙂 , Why I want to impose an wrong freedom of expression to my Child for my own satisfaction.  

Where is Child Freedom of expression ?

Why we are taking them towars disappointment where they will not find a superman. betman to help them in real life ?

Why we are takeing them towards a Balck drop of disappointment which may take them towards extremisam ?

Can we Question ourself that what kind of role models we inherited as a heritage from our elders go few genrations back and what Kind of  Role Models and Ideal’s we are delivering to our next genrations.

As Iron Lady Father’s Golden Words.

Watch your thought for them it become words.

Watch your words for them it will become your action.

Watch your action for them it will become your Charector.

Watch your chearector for them it will become your destiny.

We should make a simple excel sheet analysis by valueing negative thing with negative value and positive with plus Value WHY ?

Can we Question to a superman, betman creaters do your superman can control 1.3 bollion ton food waste ? 

Do they convert this waste a food for 80 Mi;;ion people who are to at a poverty level where one die with hunger don’t forget when you trough in Bin ?

Can Doremon Stop us to a]stop using us Plastic Bags which our distroing our planet ?

Can Doramon plant 3 trees a year for 3 years in Pakistan only after 3 years we will have 9 million ton wood leaves to burn as a sourve of energy Can doremon save us from selling ourself against  Carbon Gas ?

Why don’t doremon stop polution for clean and healthy enviorment for all more then 7 billion ?

Why Doremon has taken a Common sense of of 7 billion people ?

Do we question ourself what is the future stategy greed made us blind ?

Why Human machines without the discremination of Gender are unemployed ?

Why the animal Based machines don’t have work to do ?

Why we are Part of a society which wastes Human, Animal and Green’s waste ?

Why don’t we make it a part  of a  Soil like one day we shall be the part of a Soil ?

Self accountabality is the best thing there you can questionion your ownself ?

Why don’t we practice it once a month or year ?

Save Green to make it Green

(For the seak of our next genration)

I as Muhammad Hassnain Abbas Khan  Jatoi Promise to myself as being a member of Jatoi Baluch tribe setteled in Moza Pindi Mudduki Zila Jhang Pakistan give my words and promise to myself that I Shall do my best till my last breath in dedicated and passionate to make my region Green and peaceful.

I will Plant 3 trees a year for my each educational quarters memories to remember my errors of life 

I will live in shadow of green healthy Tree’s, where my next genration will remeber me with the growth of  Trees

There might be a sighn of Hear on one or few trees,or might be some names on some trees.

Make a Graeve of these Fake Ideal’s Like Superman’s name Betman names Dore and Doramon names and burried them as green waste cover it with soil and Plant a trree on it name that tree Doramon 1 

If It grows wee your Fake Ideals will remain in your memory as’ Error”s of Life and time files which is for all

Time never comes Back my Friends Just Left Error’s to be Learned

Kind Regards,

Muhammad Abbas Khan Jatoi

My son

r de droping a balxk 
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