Plitics has No Religion it is based on Haritage

Politcs has no rligion it is based on Baisc moral values of the society in which all kind of religion and sect live together . 

Im Shocked from the last day when i read a news that Honouraible Ayaz Amir had been discolified on writing about some drink which may be part of relgion in which we all live Crstion comunity at us drinks it a part of their culture but we both live in a same societies we cant change our societies on the name of religion, We all together just pray for the meturity of politics Globalily acording to new comming chalanges we all have to work and die for our National Identity, I strongly condem the Protocals and security of Gen (RETD) Musharaf who is creminal of Mothrama Banazir Shadat, Nawab Bugti Murder and he brakede the constituetion of Pakistan which is the biggest crime , If I fires with a licenced wepon in my boundry to defend my self or on my tribal disputes you files an aplication against me and if you do a crime in uniform openly you have been not arrested because you had a licenece to kill in uniform now you dont have you are Part of a common society you have to go to your nearest police station and give your self prsent for accountabality without six SSG commandoies in Chak Shazad thana to arest you in nominated cases then I will call you Gen a Brave man If not then you was also fake like my  rligion based identity now im a Jatoi Baluch Part of all Baluch Tribes you are nominated creminal of Nawab Bugti Murder apear yourself in neareast police station and ask them to arrest you in murder of Nawab Bugti other wise son of Ballu are alive 


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