Librate Sistan Baluchistan People from Hunger

I as Muhammad Abbas Khan Jatoi Strongly condeem the attac on Nawab Sanah Uahhal Zahri President PMLN Baluchistan, and worn as a head of Jatoi tribe setteled on Banks of Rivers from Khushab to Makanjan Punjab to those countries who are rulling to a poor people on the name of sect, Don’t interfair on our internal afairs we know how to give our blood for our country like nawab Abar Bugti, Nawab Sana Ullah Zahri don’t try to divide us we know how to unite 23 million people inthis region.

May be my Party PMLI(N) has some objection from this strong kind of statement that if you support those who distroy us then why don’t we support those who distroys you like Jindullah Baluch Sistan Baluchistan is a baluch area consist of mor then 46000 km/sq area in Sistan Baluchistan there is no one to help them in difficult area few areas are no go area due to Jindullah power and the victum of earth quich are Helpless there they are also our Baluch Blood we all are Son’s of Pari Rukh so heart bleeds, 

I as Baluch Sardar worn those who are doing all this on there  personal intrust first they were Hired to promote some sect anti terriorist activity now they sold them to other as serveces who ever want to buy it even you for me ,

We all know who Inflated Pakistan with Wepons with imported wepons by a NATO Suplly to make this land red to blame other we know how to defent our self even with sold or hummer I with my 15000 people tribe men offer my services to our brothers participating in election with our licenced wepons our Heads are up on the Shadat of our Son’s we are Honoured them we all are one and we are more the 23 million if we rewive our old hirarki you cant bheat us with Black Oil Market money distributed by west on the name of trading by RBS< HSBC ctc branches

Who is responsaible of these inocent lifes who died with no one to save them these Imama’s do have ans who are earning on people personal belife , We know your face we know you you don’t know about us because we have to become a part of a history as Son’s of Pari Rukh a Baluch tribe Image


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