A Creminal (RETD) Genral Ran Away From Court in Illegal Sequrity

I feelled myself Ashamed as a part of Man Gender when I saw a (RETD) Genral picture running away from court to save himself from aresting process I Feel myself Ashamed when I thought that he is a brave man no he was Planted man,

So here the ball comes in Judisary court the people who are apointed on the sequrity of Gov SSG comandoes who have also sighned a owth of Pakistan in which all have to respect the court If Sheed Mothrama Banazir Bhutto, Mothrama Khalda Zia, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif were arrested on airport he is not been arested in court of law is it called a civilized badmashi

I as a Part of this society is ashamed of myself as part of that society which support dictaters , 

He is a Murdrer of Nawab Bugti , Mothrama Banazir Bhutto sheed he breaked the contituation of Pakistan he is murdrer of hundreds of Baluchi’s in Baluchistan, We strongly condeem that why he is not been arested a member of civil society like a normal creminal he should face and defend his cases if he is real man other wise im shamed of these kind of Fake brave people …………….


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