Born to Die

We all are born to die oneday so when we have to left oneday why that oneday with dishonesty why not with honesty with Honour at their passion of life which must be based on honesty and you find it dishonest once everythinIg breaks and questions if we were born to die why we do worng on any end.

If Im a creminal of peoples life I must be give that punishment with honour as much as I deserve so there is a brave soldue he would like to die on truth if im honest i should give my life for honest If I don’t and cares about my Breaths Im dishonest.

Who distrubes or kill human life is a creminal or even he became a cause of that lose, Lose is very important sometimes we lost beautiful thoughts like Mothrama Sheed and Nawab Bugti we are sure that the ruler is a real dishonest who kills nations thoughts like we Lost Bibi,

This time we will not lose you have to lose in shape of IK or something else Is cherrity money should be spended on Politics do we have a time to question ourself that on one side in Urdu you are sayinf wrong and on the other hand on name of cherity you are contesting election by a fund raised by cherity of cancer pasionets So is this honesty to inest on Politics ,

We have made our thod ughts currupt it will take time to correct the errors of Past

I as a selfanounced pending membership worker of PML(N) is sure that we will revive the economy and Hritage both are conected with economics of a society we are comeing to change your economics and economic condetions ,

My Prays are with my party PML(N) and all other who want to live in a real democratic enviorment in our country we have to continue this process on 1 % also which is for the welfair of people living in rural areas without water and electricity do i as a X water and power minester  have a right to contest the election what kind of scurtiny is this which is abouve my barin frequency should we laugh at us or speare some tears for these words which will save the future of our comming genration then what will ans ?


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