Why Borders Inside Borders on the name of Sect or Religion

I have writen an open letter to Honouraible Former Prime Minester of Pakistan Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani which will coreiored till evening to him,

Respected Honouraibal Former Prime Minester of Republic of Pakistan & Genral Sectory Pakistan Peoples Party

Sir I met you befoere last election at your home on a political deal of 4 NA and 8 PP extendaible to 18 and 36 in south punjab by represnting some sectarian vote which I dishone now because I left Extremisam in 2011 and now on 7th March 2013 I have jioned PML(N)\

Your ans at that time was that which will the affects of anti vote of this sect we can’t suffer from it at this stage of election, I said ok A logical thing by which i learned a lot and left that politics of division there is no right to any one to represent other’s Personal belive or spent Sadqa , Zakat , Khumas  etc all kind of cherity is for hungery people and our molvi is spending on election last day i saw a photo on the back of a riksha some sectarian molvi from some NA or PP,

After joing Politics I read local news Paper daily last day I read or heard that some sect Ulmahha Councel has anounced the vote backe up to Pakistan Peoples Party Now I question you what about the opisite sect. 

Does It mean that PPP is not a Libral Party which dont bothers sect or religion or which should i take from it as a lession with all your due Respect Honariable sir

Kind Regards,

Muhammad Abbas Khan Jatoi

Chowk Shah Abbas Mulatn 

PML(N) Worker NA 89 Moza Mudduki Zila Jhang Pakistan


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