Is IK TTP or Terroirist organisational Leader

I read a statment of IK in newspaper that he was giving direction to the terriorist bombers who are creminal of state to stop bombing for 13 days i will come as a prime minester and change all this ,

My question is to my honouraible IK what will you change we died because of changes otherwise 200 years back we were economic kings all were together with any kind of discremination

how you will change the mins set of a patwari how will you change the mind set of Police Station incharge who is made for corruption ,

what kind of mirecal you have that will change we don’t change we need revial of Harirage where we all live with the peace why don’t we talk about sarbajet Sigh do he has no right to die at home as presner what kind of governace you have at a root level where one can sell himself easily,

I speak for my brother sarbajet singh to take his last breaths at his home land what ever he did we for give him but ploease let him die at his home land his basic right as a human I request to my honouraible President who has right to relise him for his last breaths at his home land India by for giving his crimes bot lost each other ,

New start New Life Peacefull life green life is better then all we as @PML(N) promised to our nation that the creminal of state will remain creminal of State if they vote for us if we deserve as a mayured Politics all have right to speak and vote specially Female gender has to vote must they are now more then 60% of our population ,

Don’t go towards Change Go towards revial of Haritage which we had in Past make your Pakistan Green and white clean these are the Dreams of Quaid and Iqbal of genious most thoughts non violent thoughts without discremination

I as a Political worker and student of politics can question IK what Kind of relation you have with them trough hamid Gul smile where one sell his life on fake dstiny do you represent them sir ?


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