The Democracy won on 11th may 2013

On 11th May 2013 Pakistan election not only @PML(N) won all won who like the right of vote he or she won who become the cause to take one voter out of his him, the anti democrative forces were defeted last day so Cheer up people of east voter turn around must be more then 75% Honestly i was expecting this.
All were out last day for few moments to vote for their nation, for their national identity or lot of blessing a new sun rises on 12th may 2013 where the responsabality came on each voter who won or loses to think good for their nation and national identity with honesty.
The women turn around im eye vitnased that was great even on the name of revval or chanege’
I Promise to the Nation that will work as PML(N) worker for the betterment of our Nation and national identity we came out to took you back to your own took you back towards your reviaval , took you back to your haritage, took you towards your real worth as human machine, we aill took you for the better ment of your home economics and home economist will get its rights also, Mothrama Maryam Nawaz Sharif is an living example, Trust us
we are not fakes what we are we are .


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