Fear’s Took Away Every thing

Fear to die, Fear to become poor, fear to lose seat, fear of religion or sect fear of all kinds had took away our basic moral values of the society and then in the last the Fear to lose power 🙂 by which white colour and polished boots had took many innocent life or some times in civilian royal religious dress even on the back of Riksha.
It’s a very amezing thing for me that people had fear of religion but they don’t had a fear of God due to his non physical apperance, so all have their own thoughts.
No Fear will give you many things in shape of belssing one day we all have to become a part of soil so why fear to die ,
Every Nations Basic moral Values are based on it’s haritage and genatics by which you can’t deny after the fraud of GMO”s . Instead of braking your basic moral values of a society its better to die so don’t fear to die if you don’t save them you will automatically died by depresiation.
My Origion My Nation My National Identity must be my pride to deliver something good to next genration , we have to leave good moral values for our next genration otherwise the history will never for give us nor our next genration 🙂 Adaab to all


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