No to safe exit for Dictator

My smile is mine but you like it this is an freedom at a heart core level, If someone Hides my smile from your reach then it’s a shameful act that he had snatched a happiness from a Human to see other’s heart from core of his eye’s and heart this is what which is been practiced by a dictator from his gun power 🙂 were guns been made to snatch the smiles of your own people like zia , mush did in Pakistan, we lost a great leader Shaid Zulifqar Ali Bhutto so No to any Kind of a dictatorial system civil or uniformed. In my view the armies were been purchased by Rich countries to fight there war on the name of terrorism which in the end becomes war against me like in Pakistan now in Syria by civilian dictator’s on the name of sect, They make terrorist then kills them on the name of terrorism to earn from generation to generation by the use of guns , negative thoughts, people’s, teen age children and extremist become in the end as master mind of dirty wars to kill their own people . so many inaction’s were been made by dictator to rule on the name of gun and human trafficking arm selling and buying, I don’t think so it’s a part of a good strategy that you make more criminals to kill criminals. This is what mush did in his rule, Now all are together to kill us and our children who will ans ?

We are on our way to takeover but next generation started questioning us that why all this is happening in our country why we are killing our own people why our own people killing us what should we answer them ?

Sorry is not an answer it’s an excuse so what should we do ?

Freedom of expression and entrust is an answer which is against the role of dictator even he is good or bad the act which he did in past by breaking rule of the state is itself a crime even i do it or a general so both are same kind of criminal both should be behind the bars as a part of moral equality, If we will not practice it then it’s against the rules of a society moral values criminals will take birth more then mush because these group of societies makes a community and communities makes the Nation, I have a question with my own self are we making or generating criminals from the society for our next generation. which is root of National identity Is Mush is a part of Pakistan Democratic society then why criminal in Pakistan Army Uniform which need a worship of honesty in past ? Did we made our country corrupt with our own hands ?

If the answer is No then why Mush is not behind the Iron bars not glass bars as a common citizen or as a criminal general of past who ruled on the name of gun. where our thoughts have been gone or where is our common seance now why people of Pakistan are supporting criminal, If he deserves Honor then all criminals of Pakistan honor even they are in forest, Hills or in jail even PIMS or AFIC medical teams should move for their treatment on air ambulances to save their life many are not feeling well most of them have heart problem even in jail.

Do im paying tax from the age of 19 to 38 to state to groom criminals like mush to kill me ?

If No then he why took place in a society after his Dictator rule ?

Armies were been made to protect the borders not to protect mush. They should go back to bunkers and forts to protect themself because of there security threats we are losing hundreds of civilian peoples. Its a very amazing thing for me that sequrity forces had sequrity threats it’s there job nothing new to disturbe civilion people of a democrative state.

I pray for a healthy democracy


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