Criminals war against Criminals

It has been started between Punjabi Talban with a celebration of Jindahullah and old Pakhtoon Taliban groups Mashood groups so much difficult to count groups of criminals on the name of unknown religion and sects. They just known it by it’s name and they forget that without tolerance all religions are incomplete.

Not an amazing thing for me now it’s just an start which has a decades long stay to use more then 2 million weapons which must be used on us as a citizen in which most of it become due to the intentional weapon theft on the supply root of NATO like a supply root was made trough Syria for Hizbullah there was also a intentional theft to make criminals of the state on the name of extremism , When the so called self created Jahad of Syria will finish they will come back with new arms to kill law an order of the State how much they will be equipped Russia, Iran, US knows better 🙂

This fight seems to enter into streets with in next couple of months Transaction’s from RBS and HSBC from Iranian Traders were made in 2009 now the investor is waiting for next order or it’s investment payback to be obeyed on the name of Religion or sect, we can’t differentiate it on the name of anything, The wrong use of emotional chamber of brain become the cause of all this which is happening now.

It is a long term investment to destroy generation’s like happened with us in Pakistan some one war became war against me so I must be killed If investor ha invested trillion’s to kill me If God don’t save me. Now the investor need’s payback which is impossible like the paybacks of Spain and Greece, No one will gives back here anything it’s a tradition so they are waiting for nothing just giving us explosive boosters to get back there investment which not possible in this region. There is no end of this horrible story of blood made by buyer of faith and believes traders of black oil market to sold us……………………….


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