Bangles for TTP

I feel ashamed this morning when i saw a new’s that TTP is threatening with guns to women journalist on twitter that stop writing otherwise you will be killed, I belong to a Jatoi Tribe settled in south punjab around Jhang when ever we fight first we give save exit to females and children then we start our war, These (TTP) are Black spots on the name of gun and gunman. Journalist are very sensitive people they write with a pen not with the blood why TTP is Hairrsing them. We are families with gun’s threat us we are never ever been bothered by gun fire let them write :). Talk with Gun who know’s the language of gun we were never been feared by your guns or explosive ready to be killed if you can but you can’t you don’t have enough courage to face the truth or me 🙂

So I would like to gift bangles to TTP to keep them on their rest instead Maria Butt of Marvisrmed my respectable journalist kept them on there rest they will look beautiful in the hands of TTP people, I and my tribe is ready to protect them. 

Don’t Threat them again.

MY msg to Bradran e TTP

Hamara han aurat pa bandoq nehi authai jati ais ko buzdali samjha jata ha kion ka wo aurat zat ha bacha pa bandok nehi authata ka wo masoom ha likhari pa nehi authata ka wo mast ha apni lakhiey ma. Ap larian magar Mardon sa aurton sa nehi Meharbani

Muhammad Abbas Khan Jatoi

TTP should say sorry on this Statement where females had been harassed 


MY analysis is that TTP has a lake of leadership or there is some thing missing like maturity premature leadership for them is also dangerous for all like you give gun to a untrained man to keep a gun for some time and there enemy snatch it from them and kill him or all. The small units in this kind of organisation are the hubs of their force. I think they have been disconnected and they are giving this kind of statement in confusing situation. I think the eternal Hirarki of TTP had been braked there shora seems to be incomplete that’s why they are hiding them and diverting people mind by threatening innocent and beautiful o make people like butter flys beauty of garden , we must think to make Pakistan a peaceful Garden 

This all is because there investor has been lost after 2009 transactions for terrorism trough western banks by Iranian traders, Now they are selling them selves in small groups of war lords against money with weapons of human destruction which is more dangerous then huge armed groups there dispersment will make more problems in future dur to lake of central command which is fighting for money with each other, I this time Jindaullah didn’t lost money 🙂

we are born to die one day we have to die then why fear to die i request my twitter friends never fear to die one day it has to happen, If we get feared by these kind of bangled people like shemale our next generation will not forgive us . They are homosexual group of people with guns no wisdom no principal. We ll be made foolish if we get of vision less people how can they take your beauty of words we are still alive to protect you and give life for you @Marvisarmed……………………………..

twitter is save for all it gave us a part of freedom of expression and family without borders


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