Rule of Justice in State

If Judiciary hangs Mush as a dictator who braked the constitution of the state for other’s entrust then there is clear path for all that there is a rule of Justice in our State, Otherwise the society root has strong attack to westernization termite who’s tree is almost fall down due to depreciated and capitalization we have an living example without much media exposure of wall street I think shot memory loss :). A Fraud of century in which state committed a fraud against there people.

Innocent Child is not dangerous but an fat brain innocent politician who has million of followers is dangerous for all society, next generation or political moral values you can’t achieve your goals by speaking louder your action should inspire us instead of words. Actor has better words then us So a political actor like IK made by ruling retd generals rich brain’s other wise if they try to make this kind of leader my villager my friend Allah Dita Musali candidate of Chairman UC 21 Jhang may be coming MNA candidate in NA 89 against Mian Waqas Akram’s family, he lives with poor people he know the real problem of them better then Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani Family he will work better then IK just translator required.

I’m not surprised by IK immature decisions or statements i was knew he would adopt these kind of Practices based on hidden dictator or arms dealers designed politics or political party…………a limited thoughts made for destruction only now do you how much will be spended to half a million people on road in this weather just count it 1000 rs per 12 hrs per person , Is this money coming from on the name of charity (Pakistan Politics don’t need allah dita musali don’t need armed car to spend on stupid Marches.  The person which has no wisdom and without wisdom politics is not possible. IK is now 60+ to make his wisdom it will take not less then 12 years more in politics then 8 years of its practical application what do you accept from him at the age of 80+ please think with common sence without visualizing any kind of actor or hero even of cricket politics is out of filed of these kind of people they were trained to work within filed but politics needs exposure out of field some times with brain to sit under a tree and think but IK has mosquito killing problem he has not enough time to think or restudy its statements or rethink that what he is doing.

He was entered with a new extremist exposure which was started by Jihadi master mind to put those criminals of the states into politics which are now a days been called TTP part 1 , Hamid Gul is a criminal as DG ISI still  he has very strong indirect contacts many more hidden names. I give you an example like Alquida makes the grounds clear to enter us forces just like this he came to make TTP part of Pakistan politics a new version of extremist who shows many things on stage.

Like I say Iranian Pasdaran e Inqalab are the agents of west like this he is agents of arms and innocent people human trafcaking made by greed of a society, so again society ,home, generation, community very important i think we missed them to rethink, we missed our heritage, we missed our moral values , we missed our selves in capitalization 🙂

Rule of Justice must be equal at all levels and ends, other wise talban will take birth

Hamid Mir is a Brave man God Bless him my all kind of prays and services are with him

Dictators planted those tree’s who are just close to fall by freedom of expression and we will plant new green tree’s with red roses blesses by words Thanks to God.

TTP inside group war will not have any end they will fight for money, They need money more then 2000 rs per person per day they are more expansive then the state army they don’t work they don’t grow anything to eat, so the investor is lost from 2009 when corrupt banking sector transacted money to terrorist traders now they cant find him even TTP or ant other organisation. He left you janu now you have to earn from us by killing so do it why you are waiting for Brathran 🙂 fun of past


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