Is IK TTP or Terroirist organisational Leader

I read a statment of IK in newspaper that he was giving direction to the terriorist bombers who are creminal of state to stop bombing for 13 days i will come as a prime minester and change all this ,

My question is to my honouraible IK what will you change we died because of changes otherwise 200 years back we were economic kings all were together with any kind of discremination

how you will change the mins set of a patwari how will you change the mind set of Police Station incharge who is made for corruption ,

what kind of mirecal you have that will change we don’t change we need revial of Harirage where we all live with the peace why don’t we talk about sarbajet Sigh do he has no right to die at home as presner what kind of governace you have at a root level where one can sell himself easily,

I speak for my brother sarbajet singh to take his last breaths at his home land what ever he did we for give him but ploease let him die at his home land his basic right as a human I request to my honouraible President who has right to relise him for his last breaths at his home land India by for giving his crimes bot lost each other ,

New start New Life Peacefull life green life is better then all we as @PML(N) promised to our nation that the creminal of state will remain creminal of State if they vote for us if we deserve as a mayured Politics all have right to speak and vote specially Female gender has to vote must they are now more then 60% of our population ,

Don’t go towards Change Go towards revial of Haritage which we had in Past make your Pakistan Green and white clean these are the Dreams of Quaid and Iqbal of genious most thoughts non violent thoughts without discremination

I as a Political worker and student of politics can question IK what Kind of relation you have with them trough hamid Gul smile where one sell his life on fake dstiny do you represent them sir ?


Why Borders Inside Borders on the name of Sect or Religion

I have writen an open letter to Honouraible Former Prime Minester of Pakistan Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani which will coreiored till evening to him,

Respected Honouraibal Former Prime Minester of Republic of Pakistan & Genral Sectory Pakistan Peoples Party

Sir I met you befoere last election at your home on a political deal of 4 NA and 8 PP extendaible to 18 and 36 in south punjab by represnting some sectarian vote which I dishone now because I left Extremisam in 2011 and now on 7th March 2013 I have jioned PML(N)\

Your ans at that time was that which will the affects of anti vote of this sect we can’t suffer from it at this stage of election, I said ok A logical thing by which i learned a lot and left that politics of division there is no right to any one to represent other’s Personal belive or spent Sadqa , Zakat , Khumas  etc all kind of cherity is for hungery people and our molvi is spending on election last day i saw a photo on the back of a riksha some sectarian molvi from some NA or PP,

After joing Politics I read local news Paper daily last day I read or heard that some sect Ulmahha Councel has anounced the vote backe up to Pakistan Peoples Party Now I question you what about the opisite sect. 

Does It mean that PPP is not a Libral Party which dont bothers sect or religion or which should i take from it as a lession with all your due Respect Honariable sir

Kind Regards,

Muhammad Abbas Khan Jatoi

Chowk Shah Abbas Mulatn 

PML(N) Worker NA 89 Moza Mudduki Zila Jhang Pakistan

Born to Die

We all are born to die oneday so when we have to left oneday why that oneday with dishonesty why not with honesty with Honour at their passion of life which must be based on honesty and you find it dishonest once everythinIg breaks and questions if we were born to die why we do worng on any end.

If Im a creminal of peoples life I must be give that punishment with honour as much as I deserve so there is a brave soldue he would like to die on truth if im honest i should give my life for honest If I don’t and cares about my Breaths Im dishonest.

Who distrubes or kill human life is a creminal or even he became a cause of that lose, Lose is very important sometimes we lost beautiful thoughts like Mothrama Sheed and Nawab Bugti we are sure that the ruler is a real dishonest who kills nations thoughts like we Lost Bibi,

This time we will not lose you have to lose in shape of IK or something else Is cherrity money should be spended on Politics do we have a time to question ourself that on one side in Urdu you are sayinf wrong and on the other hand on name of cherity you are contesting election by a fund raised by cherity of cancer pasionets So is this honesty to inest on Politics ,

We have made our thod ughts currupt it will take time to correct the errors of Past

I as a selfanounced pending membership worker of PML(N) is sure that we will revive the economy and Hritage both are conected with economics of a society we are comeing to change your economics and economic condetions ,

My Prays are with my party PML(N) and all other who want to live in a real democratic enviorment in our country we have to continue this process on 1 % also which is for the welfair of people living in rural areas without water and electricity do i as a X water and power minester  have a right to contest the election what kind of scurtiny is this which is abouve my barin frequency should we laugh at us or speare some tears for these words which will save the future of our comming genration then what will ans ?

How Many SSG Sequrity Guards With Bhutto In Jail

How many SSG Sequrity guards with Bhutto or rangers which is border sequrity force , How many Rangers with Serving Prime minester Loyal SSG Guard with Mian Nawaz Sharif as a serving Prime minester, How many Rangers with Motrama Banazir Bhutto how many Guardsthrama Maryam Nawaz Daughter of East,

Im Ashamed that I and my family paying tax from the last many decades for this kind of Border Sequrity forces who are protecting a Creminal of Pakistan

Now It’s Time to Speack against the Army Coa on Mian Nawaz Sharif Goverment which was not less a Blood Shed of a Daughters thought about his father that is he a real creminal of state 

What wrer the felling of a daugher when she saw his father behind the Bars My Honouaible  LeaderShip Mothrama Maryam Nawaz Sharif Daughter of East will Speak soon with her Mother our Most Respected Mothrama Qalsoom Nawaz what Happened to her family

Sir now the Ball is in your Court artical 6 ImageImageImage

A Creminal (RETD) Genral Ran Away From Court in Illegal Sequrity

I feelled myself Ashamed as a part of Man Gender when I saw a (RETD) Genral picture running away from court to save himself from aresting process I Feel myself Ashamed when I thought that he is a brave man no he was Planted man,

So here the ball comes in Judisary court the people who are apointed on the sequrity of Gov SSG comandoes who have also sighned a owth of Pakistan in which all have to respect the court If Sheed Mothrama Banazir Bhutto, Mothrama Khalda Zia, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif were arrested on airport he is not been arested in court of law is it called a civilized badmashi

I as a Part of this society is ashamed of myself as part of that society which support dictaters , 

He is a Murdrer of Nawab Bugti , Mothrama Banazir Bhutto sheed he breaked the contituation of Pakistan he is murdrer of hundreds of Baluchi’s in Baluchistan, We strongly condeem that why he is not been arested a member of civil society like a normal creminal he should face and defend his cases if he is real man other wise im shamed of these kind of Fake brave people …………….

Librate Sistan Baluchistan People from Hunger

I as Muhammad Abbas Khan Jatoi Strongly condeem the attac on Nawab Sanah Uahhal Zahri President PMLN Baluchistan, and worn as a head of Jatoi tribe setteled on Banks of Rivers from Khushab to Makanjan Punjab to those countries who are rulling to a poor people on the name of sect, Don’t interfair on our internal afairs we know how to give our blood for our country like nawab Abar Bugti, Nawab Sana Ullah Zahri don’t try to divide us we know how to unite 23 million people inthis region.

May be my Party PMLI(N) has some objection from this strong kind of statement that if you support those who distroy us then why don’t we support those who distroys you like Jindullah Baluch Sistan Baluchistan is a baluch area consist of mor then 46000 km/sq area in Sistan Baluchistan there is no one to help them in difficult area few areas are no go area due to Jindullah power and the victum of earth quich are Helpless there they are also our Baluch Blood we all are Son’s of Pari Rukh so heart bleeds, 

I as Baluch Sardar worn those who are doing all this on there  personal intrust first they were Hired to promote some sect anti terriorist activity now they sold them to other as serveces who ever want to buy it even you for me ,

We all know who Inflated Pakistan with Wepons with imported wepons by a NATO Suplly to make this land red to blame other we know how to defent our self even with sold or hummer I with my 15000 people tribe men offer my services to our brothers participating in election with our licenced wepons our Heads are up on the Shadat of our Son’s we are Honoured them we all are one and we are more the 23 million if we rewive our old hirarki you cant bheat us with Black Oil Market money distributed by west on the name of trading by RBS< HSBC ctc branches

Who is responsaible of these inocent lifes who died with no one to save them these Imama’s do have ans who are earning on people personal belife , We know your face we know you you don’t know about us because we have to become a part of a history as Son’s of Pari Rukh a Baluch tribe Image

Plitics has No Religion it is based on Haritage

Politcs has no rligion it is based on Baisc moral values of the society in which all kind of religion and sect live together . 

Im Shocked from the last day when i read a news that Honouraible Ayaz Amir had been discolified on writing about some drink which may be part of relgion in which we all live Crstion comunity at us drinks it a part of their culture but we both live in a same societies we cant change our societies on the name of religion, We all together just pray for the meturity of politics Globalily acording to new comming chalanges we all have to work and die for our National Identity, I strongly condem the Protocals and security of Gen (RETD) Musharaf who is creminal of Mothrama Banazir Shadat, Nawab Bugti Murder and he brakede the constituetion of Pakistan which is the biggest crime , If I fires with a licenced wepon in my boundry to defend my self or on my tribal disputes you files an aplication against me and if you do a crime in uniform openly you have been not arrested because you had a licenece to kill in uniform now you dont have you are Part of a common society you have to go to your nearest police station and give your self prsent for accountabality without six SSG commandoies in Chak Shazad thana to arest you in nominated cases then I will call you Gen a Brave man If not then you was also fake like my  rligion based identity now im a Jatoi Baluch Part of all Baluch Tribes you are nominated creminal of Nawab Bugti Murder apear yourself in neareast police station and ask them to arrest you in murder of Nawab Bugti other wise son of Ballu are alive